FSM AG launches HVAC Transmitter Series feel®

With the feel® series of transmitters, FSM AG is expanding its portfolio to include the measuring of  CO2, temperature, humidity and VOC. With this strategic realignment, the Black Forest-based differential pressure specialist intends to leverage its expertise in the development and manufacturing of measurement electronics to serve the needs of HVAC and cleanroom companies more comprehensively.   

The outbreak of Covid made "indoor air quality" significantly more important. Sometimes rather non-technical media and experts report on the effectiveness of CO2 traffic lights and air filters and the correlation between viral load and humidity. Awareness of the importance of high air hygiene is higher than ever. More and more measurement parameters get recorded and evaluated to assess air quality. However, long term sustainable concepts are often disregarded by large industrial companies. With the launch of the new feel® transmitter series, FSM AG responds to the changing requirements and combines individuality, climate neutrality and precision in one product series.

Individuality: Modular design covering single to multi measuring transmitter

With its new feel® transmitter series FSM AG focuses on a maximum of flexibility. The modular design of the product allows ordering of cost-optimized single transmitters, as well as fully equipped multi transmitter with up to five integrated sensors and everything in between. The user can combine CO2, temperature, humidity, VOC and differential pressure as desired. All common analog signals and an RS485 Modbus interface are available as outputs. Parameters such as measuring unit, measuring range or the output signal can be individually adapted to on-site conditions via DIP switches and software (USB interface). If the modular system of modules and parameterization options is not sufficient, completely individual transmitters can also be developed according to customer requirements and later be manufactured in higher volumes.

Carbon offset: Sustainable production in Germany

In addition to a maximum in flexibility, another focus during the development of feel® was its climate-neutral production. For the housing, a bio-polymer is used that consists of 62% castor oil instead of crude oil. The device is completely manufactured at our site in Kirchzarten near Freiburg, Germany, from electronics assembly to final assembly. The energy for this cmomes from our photovoltaic system with 139 kWp and from 24 geothermal probes. Despite all efforts, the emission of greenhouse gases in the production chain is unavoidable. FSM AG calculated the excess CO2 footprint with the help of ClimatePartner and compensated for it by investing in climate protection projects in Colombia and Namibia. Thus, both the feel product range and FSM as a company are certified climate neutral.

"Climate change is not a future scenario, but already in full swing. Society and industries are challenged to create innovative resource-saving and energy-efficient solutions. With the feel® product series, we want to fulfill our responsibility and manufacture climate-neutral products in the future," says Marco Lais, product manager at FSM AG.

For more energy efficiency: High-precision sensor elements for every measurand

In order to make not only the production but also the operation of the transmitters as energy-efficient as possible, high-precision sensor elements are used for each measurand. The more accurate the measurement and control technology of a ventilation and air-conditioning system, the more energy-efficiently it can be adjusted to the current demand. Improving the accuracy of the sensors consequently has a positive effect on the CO2 footprint and the operating costs of the complete control system. Optional features such as an auto-adjustment function also ensure maintenance-free and particularly long-term stable operation.

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