FSM | intelligent electronics


FSM | intelligent electronics

We introduce ourselves

FSM AG develops and produces intelligent electronics. We support our customers with electronic products in the disciplines mobile energy supply, pressure measurement and transformer switching relays as well as in the area of electronic manu­facturing services (EMS). Our products are mostly customized solutions and become part of a final product. Therefore one encounters the technology of FSM quite often without knowing that major components of the final product originate from us. 

about us

Our Product Range

Imagine a world where everything is mobile. Any device you can imagine runs without a cable. That is the world we believe in. And that is why we work day after day to reliably and safely provide this energy - anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Energy Supply

Minute differences in air pressure are eough to send the tiny parachutes of a mature dandelion blossom on a journey for several miles. A person might barely notice this breeze - but our pressure measurement technology will. 

Pressure Measurement

Imagine a reliable transformer with a fuse that will not trigger despite frequent switching on and off. To make this scenario a reality, we have developed a transformer switching relay completely cutting out - not just reducing - the switch-on surge in your transformer.

Transformer switching relay


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