Electronic Manufacturing Services

As a competent partner, we support you in all aspects of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). With our many years of experience and our qualified specialist personnel, we offer you complete contract manufacturing of electronic components. Through optimized material procurement and storage, we can respond flexibly to your wishes.

How we support you

Materials management

We support you throughout the entire product life cycle - from the selection to the discontin­uation of components. Due to our many own products, we have a large stock of standard components, which enables to deliver at short notice and at attractive prices. Even for small quantities.

Series preparation

The preparation for series production is the key for the transfer of your projects into series production: costs and time can be saved here. Reviewing your design data, allows us to work with you at an early stage of the project to suggest improvements to Design for Manufacturing and Design for Test.

Testing technology

Our manufacturing quality is ensured by state-of-the-art electronic and optical testing procedures, which are constantly improved by our hardware and software specialists. This includes extensive and sophisticated test and inspection concepts, as well as a final functional test.


We have a modern machine park and excellently trained employees, who let their experiences flow into the realization of your product. We plan the processes for fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual production according to your individual requirements - both for large and small series. If required, we assemble your equipment completely - including packaging.


In addition to electronics production, we can also take over further production steps, if required, including packaging and shipping to your customers. We are familiar with the applicable national and international transport regulations and are happy to advise you - also in matters of sustainable packaging.

Do you need support in product development? We have been developing and producing electronic products from a single source for 30 years - feel free to contact us!


Using 2D lasered QR codes on the printed circuit board, you can trace back all the information you want to collect about your product: From the goods receipt of the individual compo­nents to the goods issue of the finished product. In this way, all production steps can be checked transpa­rently.

  • Transparency in the supply chain
  • Quality improvement across all production steps
  • Traceability of test data
  • Traceability of test parameters
Industries in which we are active
  • Medicine
  • Sensor technology
  • Mobile energy supply
  • Plant engineering
  • Consumer
  • Automation
  • Robotics & material handling

Products that we have developed and produced have been approved to the following standards:

  • UN 38.3 Transportation Testing
  • IEC/UL 62133
  • UL 2054
  • IEC 61960
  • ...

Extract of the approvals of devices in which our products are used:

  • DIN EN 13485
  • DIN EN 13849
  • DIN EN 62281
  • ...

Your contact person

Konrad Molz

Konrad Molz
Your sales contact
Phone +49 7661 9855 100


Unsere Produktion im Überblick

On modern production machines we produce with the quality claim "Made in Germany". For 30 years we have had experience in the development and production of electronic products in quantities from 50 to 500,000 series products per year. In order to respond flexibly to customer requests, we work in one- to three-shift operation.

Our production includes:

  • Laser marking system
  • Fully automatic stencil printer
  • Inline SPI system for inspection of the soldering paste
  • SIPLACE SMT equipping machine
  • Convection reflow soldering system
  • Inline AOI system for solder point control
  • Fully automatic depanelling line
  • Two semi-automatic equipping tables
  • Wave soldering system
  • Individual assembly stations
  • ICT and FCT testing systems
  • Dispensing/varnishing system with UV protective paint curing system

Our high quality standards

As part of our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, we have a quality and environmental management system for developing, manufacturing, testing, and selling mobile energy supplies, pressure measurement technology, and transformer relays. Our high quality standards define us and differentiate us from the competition. 

To us, quality means:

Excellent workmanship

Long product service life


Safe electronics

Competent customer service

Download ISO-Certificates
REACH Statement

FSM AG is a manufacturer and trader of products, which are products within the meaning of the laws governing chemicals. We primarily buy the products from European suppliers, but in individual cases also from suppliers outside of Europe. According to the requirements of the REACH Regulation, we are therefore not subject to any registration obligations. This also particularly applies, because no chemical substances are released from our products, under normal or sensibly predictable conditions of use (see art. 7 para. 1 the REACH Regulation).

It remains to be said, that the products that you buy from us, are not subject to registration, as products in the sense of the REACH Regulation.

The chemical substances contained in our products, which may be subject to registration, must consequently only be registered by our pre-suppliers.

We are in close contact with the suppliers of relevant products, which are processed in our products, and are informed whether listed SVHC substances above 0.1% volume are contained, in accordance with the REACH Regulation art. 33. Furthermore, we will inform you immediately, in accordance with the REACH Regulation art. 33, if ingredients in our products (from content of > 0.1% volume), are rated as of very high concern by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

From today's point of view, in light of the information from our suppliers, it should not be expected that our products contain SVHC substances, in a volume concentration above 0.1%.


Short Portrait

FSM AG develops an produces intelligent electronics. We support our customers with electronic products in the disciplines mobile energy supply, measuring systems and transformer switching relays as well as in the area of electronic manu­facturing services (EMS). Our products are mostly customized solutions and become part of a final product. Therefore one encounters the technology of FSM quite often without knowing that major components of the final product originate from us.

For further information please refer to our brochure


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