PrimAtü - in the fight against Corona

PrimAtü - in the fight against Corona

The Apodis company in Salach near Stuttgart develops and produces, among other things, air filter systems to reduce the virus load in operating rooms and now also in all other rooms. The ambient air is sucked in at the bottom, passes through several filters inside the unit and is blown out again above head height. This means that people are not bothered by the outflowing air. The air exhaled by the people is pressed to the floor in the direction of the intake opening. The room air is 99.995% free of all aerosols, viruses, bacteria, dust and pollen at the outlet. There are several filters inside, the degree of pollution of which is measured. This task is performed by our PrimAtü 10

There are numerous application possibilities for the air filter system: Medical practices, waiting rooms, restaurants, bars, fitness centers, dance studios, meeting rooms, care facilities, hotels, conference rooms or canteens.

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