Record sales in Corona year 2020 | Outlook 2021

Record sales in Corona year 2020 | Outlook 2021

In the past year, FSM AG was able to report record sales of € 22.58 million, exceeding the previous year's sales by almost 30 %. The reasons for this are the increase in demand for medical technology, the pharmaceutical industry and mobile air purifiers. The outlook for 2021 is currently positive, but is clouded by the component situation in the market for electronic components.

Batteries for respirators | TSR for medical technology | Pressure sensors for clean rooms

In the Corona year 2020, FSM AG achieved record sales. This was made possible by the flexible deployment of all forces and resources and the consistent use of the company's own strengths to combat the virus. Production areas were flexibly reorganized to meet the high demand for batteries for respirators and medical equipment. FSM's own pressure calibrators are also used in the production of respiratory equipment in order to be able to regulate the finest differential pressures with high precision. Pressure sensors and clean room panels are required for the capacity expansion of clean rooms, as well as for use in mobile air purifiers, and transformer switching relays ensure the reliable operation of medical equipment in operating rooms. Only through a high degree of flexibility and a high level of commitment from all colleagues were we able to master these challenges and are proud of the result in 2020.

FSM Messtechnik: Strategic realignment under own brand name

Differential pressure sensors have been developed and produced at FSM AG for over 30 years. Over time, other business areas such as battery management systems or transformer switching relays were added, resulting in a broad portfolio that was ultimately highly diversified in terms of both technology and target group. Already since 2019, an internal FSM process has been underway to align the individual divisions more closely with customer and target group needs. The corporate structure has been decentralized so that quick and flexible decisions can be made in each team. In the area of measurement technology, the newly formed team initiated a strategic realignment last year. Whereas the company previously produced and developed exclusively differential pressure sensors and calibrators for all sectors, it now intends to focus on the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and calibration technology target groups. The aim is to offer the target groups as broad a range of products as possible in order to better understand and cover customer needs. As a result, FSM Messtechnik will no longer be limited to the development and production of differential pressure measurement technology, but will also tackle other measurement tasks relevant to these markets. Currently, the division is developing a series of sensors that measure temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC and volume flow in buildings and ventilation ducts. The sensor series, called "Feel," is scheduled for market launch as early as this summer. With this portfolio expansion, FSM expects to open up new target groups and markets and to increase its market share internationally.


Component situation remains tense

Whether battery cells, resistors or semiconductors - in almost every sector of electronic components there are now massive delivery delays of up to 50-60 weeks. There are many reasons for the tense component situation. On the one hand, the requirements of some sectors have risen sharply in recent months. For example, after the first Corona low in spring/summer 2020, there was an increase in demand in the automotive industry. Furthermore, the demands of consumer electronics (home office equipment, digitalization, smartphones, etc.) have risen extremely, which means that these markets are currently being served preferentially. Other effects causing delivery times to skyrocket are raw material shortages, an overheated logistics situation on the Asia-Europe seaway, as well as local reasons such as factory fires at semiconductor manufacturers, corona-related shutdowns or the blockade in the Suez Canal a few weeks ago. After intensive discussions with our distributors and manufacturers, an easing of component availability is not expected for 2021 for the time being. The recommendations of the distributors/manufacturers are that all requirements that are visible in the long term should be planned immediately, if possible by mid-2022.

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