The various intercon­nection possibilities (parallel and in series) of lithium cells allow an even higher number of applications. Due to the progressive develop­ment of battery cells, their best possible intercon­nection and an optimal battery manage­ment system, almost any application can be realized today with the help of lithium technolo­gies.

The following features are ensured by our battery manage­ment system and various protective devices:

Safety and security

The reversible protective device (1st Level Protection) protects the battery against over­voltage, under­voltage, over­current and overtem­perature, while the irreversible protection device (2nd level protection) protects against over­voltage and short-circuits.


Due to the best quality of the printed circuit boards and components, the longevity of the product is guaranteed. In addition, Cell Balancing ensures the best capacity utilization due to balanced cell charge levels.


A built-in charge controller eliminates the need for a charger and is compatible with new techno­logies. The BUS systeme enables data extraction and transmis­sion to analyze the system. The application-specific total and residual capacity can be easily determined by so-called gas gauging.


A high-quality protective lacquer makes it possible to use the battery even in harsh climates. In addition, an ESD- and EMC-compliant design ensures that the components of the battery management system will not be damaged.


Products that we have developed and produced have been approved to the following standards:

  • UN 38.3 Transportation Testing
  • IEC/UL 62133
  • UL 2054
  • IEC 61960
  • ...

Extract of the approvals of devices in which our products are used:

  • DIN EN 13485
  • DIN EN 13849
  • DIN EN 62281
  • ...
Our high quality standards

As part of our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, we have a quality and environ­mental manage­ment system for developing, manu­facturing, testing and selling mobile energy supplies, pressure measure­ment technology and transformer relays. Our high quality standards define us and differentiate us from the competition.

To us, quality means:

Excellent workmanship

Long product service life

Safe electronics

Competent customer service

Find further information on quality and environment as well as the ISO certificates for download and our REACH statement.

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