Pressure transducers

As a customer of FSM you have the choice between different basic versions of our pressure transducers. The modular design allows flexible adaptation of the sensors to the specific needs of your application. The following basic types are available:

PrimAtü 10

Our latest PrimAtü 10 pressure transducer detects minute differential pressures with the highest accuracy. Thanks to its freely selectable pressure ranges and the possibility of connecting various interfaces, the PrimAtü 10 offers maximum flexibility – at an attractive price. Zero offsets and amplitude variations can be easily corrected at the touch of a button. 

Pressure transducer PrimAtü 10


Never ending flexibility – this is what to expect from a DPS pressure transducer. The DPS can be used to measure overpressure, underpressure, differential pressure and absolute pressure. These pressure values can be configured individually and thus provide maximum convenience. The DPS can be used in the most diverse of applications, for instance to monitor pressure ratios in clean rooms, machines and systems.

Pressure transducer DPS


Thanks to its light and compact design, the DS01 is a real space saver and is therefore particularly suitable for low-pressure measurements in confined spaces. With four adjustable measurement ranges, the DS01 can be optimised for various applications.

Pressure transducer DS01


Pressure measurement technology from FSM is used within several different industrial areas. Learn more about the application areas:

Volume flow control

Filter monitoring

Pressure monitoring in rooms


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