Minute differences in air pressure are enough to send the tiny parachutes of a mature dandelion blossom on a journey for several miles. A person might barely notice this breeze - but our pressure measurement  technology will.

Pressure Measurement

Our pressure measurement includes pressure transducers and calibrators for measuring lowest pressures. The solid design allows use in the laboratory and under industrial conditions. Important criteria such as long-term stability, linearity and good reproducibility can be ensured by the solid mechanics. A temperature drift is minimised by means of targeted compensation of each sensor. The wear-free inductive measurement system offers nearly maintenance-free operation.


Pressure Measurement from FSM is used in different industrial sectors. Find out more about the particular fields of application


Our product range includes pressure transducers, pressure calibrators and cleanroom panels in the low pressure range. 

Pressure transducers

  • Flexible configuration 
  • Affordable 
  • Easy to install

Pressure transducer
PrimAtü 10

  • Low maintanance 
  • Robust
  • Limit switches 

Pressure transducer

  • Space-saving
  • Display
  • Affordable

Pressure transducer

  • Absolute pressure
  • High precision
  • Robust

Pressure transducer APS

Pressure calibrators and cleanroom panels

  • Highly accurate
  • Mobile
  • Compact

Pressure calibrator

  • Installation friendly
  • Modularly expandable
  • Communicative

Cleanroom panel


Our high quality standards

As part of our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, we have a quality and environmental management system for developing, manufacturing, testing, and selling mobile energy supplies, pressure measurement technology, and transformer relays. Our high quality standards define us and differentiate us from the competition. 

To us, quality means:

Excellent workmanship

Long product service life


Safe electronics

Competent customer service

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REACH Statement

FSM AG is a manufacturer and trader of products, which are products within the meaning of the laws governing chemicals. We primarily buy the products from European suppliers, but in individual cases also from suppliers outside of Europe. According to the requirements of the REACH Regulation, we are therefore not subject to any registration obligations. This also particularly applies, because no chemical substances are released from our products, under normal or sensibly predictable conditions of use (see art. 7 para. 1 the REACH Regulation).

It remains to be said, that the products that you buy from us, are not subject to registration, as products in the sense of the REACH Regulation.

The chemical substances contained in our products, which may be subject to registration, must consequently only be registered by our pre-suppliers.

We are in close contact with the suppliers of relevant products, which are processed in our products, and are informed whether listed SVHC substances above 0.1% volume are contained, in accordance with the REACH Regulation art. 33. Furthermore, we will inform you immediately, in accordance with the REACH Regulation art. 33, if ingredients in our products (from content of > 0.1% volume), are rated as of very high concern by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

From today's point of view, in light of the information from our suppliers, it should not be expected that our products contain SVHC substances, in a volume concentration above 0.1%.


Short Portrait

FSM AG develops an produces intelligent electronics. We support our customers with electronic products in the disciplines mobile energy supply, pressure measurement and transformer switching relays as well as in the area of electronic manu­facturing services (EMS). Our products are mostly customized solutions and become part of a final product. Therefore one encounters the technology of FSM quite often without knowing that major components of the final product originate from us.

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