Transformer switching relay TSRL

The TSRL is our standard product for switching of various single–phase transformers. With its soft starting procedure, the relay activates one or several single-phase transformers in no-load operation or under load without inrush. This procedure avoids the inrush current and does not only limit it. Using the TSRL, the transformers can be fast fused to their nominal current on the primary side and thus can be protected ideally. Futhermore transformers can be designed cost-efficiently. 

Special versions of the TSRL are suitable for more challenging applications such as soft starting of power supplies.


  • Easy to install
  • Guaranteed switching
  • Affordable
  • Medical devices
  • Low maintenance
Mains voltage 110, 230, 400, 500 V and various wide voltage ranges
Rated current 16 and 32 A
Control input for normally open contact and control voltage
Design circuit board, housing with or without standard rail holder

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Transformer Switching Relay

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