Transformer switching relay TSRLF

The TSRLF is a control unit for an external control element to arrange a transformer switching relay. It is usable for fast switsching and to switch single-phase transformer with high power. External thyristors or semiconductor relays are used as control elements. Using the soft starting procedure, the connected control element is actuated in a way that one or several single-phase transformers can be operated in no-load operation or under load without an inrush current. This can be used for welding transformer with more than 32 A, for example.


  • Easy to install
  • Guaranteed switching
  • Affordable
  • Fast switching
  • Low maintenance
Mains voltage 110, 230, 400, 500 V and various wide voltage ranges
External control element Semiconductor relay or thyristors
Control input for normally open contact and control voltage
Control output with or without control output
Design circuit board, housing with or without standard rail holder

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