Company history

FSM is the result of three passionate electronics engineers coming together to found a company that focuses on working together. Find out more about some of the milestones in our company history here.


In 2021, we received the New Work Award from XING for our modern corporate culture - and are now also a South Baden job engine! We are delighted to receive this important award! 


We have been climate neutral since December 2021! Together with ClimatePartner we calculate our CO2 emissions annually, take measures to reduce our CO2 footprint and compensate our excess CO2 emissions by supporting a solar project in Namibia.


Andreas Schlegel is leaving our company at the beginning of the year. The new management board now consists of Konrad Molz, Benjamin Schlegel and Markus Herbstritt.


At the turn of the year, the composition of our Management Board changes: Jürgen Schlegel is dedicated to new callenges at FSM. From now on, he will be the interface between our customers and our production. Konrad Molz and Andreas Schlegel are now two members of FSM´s executive board.


After a construction period of only eight months, the new building with an operating area of 4,600 m² in Kirchzarten will be occupied in January 2016. At the same time as moving into the new building, the company founders Hubert Schlegel and Eugen Molz resign from the executive board and move to the supervisory board. The generation change is now complete.


In 2012 FSM Elektronik GmbH will be renamed as FSM AG. The juniors Konrad Molz, Jürgen Schlegel and Andreas Schlegel join the management and form the executive board of the company together with Hubert Schlegel and Eugen Molz.


Bela Fekete, one of the founders of FSM, is leaving the company in 2008 for health reasons. He sells his shares to Jürgen Schlegel, Andreas Schlegel and Konrad Molz, thus heralding a generations change.


The building in Kirchzarten is extended and the operating area doubled to 2,400 m². The space is now sufficient for a second SMD assembly line, which will be purchased in the same year.


In 2001, the first lithium-ion protective circuits are developed and produced. This makes FSM a pioneer of the first hour in the development of intelligent electronics for lithium-based battery technology.


In the year 2000, FSM moves to Kirchzarten and moves into a former clothing factory with an operating area of 1,100 m². The first SMD production line is put into operation in the new building. The assembly capacity can thus be doubled from 600 components to 1,200 components per hour.


In 1998, FSM acquired a licence to use a patent to avoid inrush current in transformers. First transformer switching relays are developed and produced. This niche area still forms the third pillar of our company today.


Only four years after its foundation, FSM has developed so positively that the 100 m² apartment in the parental home of one of our founders is no longer sufficient. The adjoining barn will be extended in order to expand the operating area to 300 m².


Just three years later, we developed the first charging technology for NiCd batteries. Our experience with innovative solutions in the field of mobile energy supply dates back to 1992.


FSM Elektronik GmbH was founded in 1989 by Bela Fekete, Hubert Schlegel and Eugen Molz. This year also sees the development and sale of the first pressure transmitter.

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