Our responsibility for the environment and climate

We have been calculating our CO2 footprint since 2020. We have been offsetting excess CO2 since December 2021. What does that mean? 

Together with ClimatePartner, we calculate our CO2 emissions annually: in 2022, we as a company emitted 192,606.95 kg of CO2, which is 1,375.76 kg of CO2 per employee and 0.0073 kg of CO2 per euro of turnover. Indirect emissions occurring outside the company, such as from the production of raw materials and preliminary products, external logistics and the use and disposal of products or other processes, are not included in the calculation.

This is comparatively low for a manufacturing company. And yet 192,606.95 kg of CO2 is too much for our climate! We are aware of this responsibility. Our building is already equipped with the latest technology, we generate our own solar energy in every available space and our environmental policy is sophisticated and comprehensive. We are constantly looking for ways to further reduce CO2. We offset excess CO2 emissions by financing certified climate protection projects. You can find more information about this on the ClimatePartner website. 

Click here for the FSM page at ClimatePartner

Results of our CO₂ balance sheet at a glance:

  overall result CO₂ emissions per employee CO₂ emissions per euro of turnover
2020 213.200 kg CO₂ 1,54 t CO₂ / employee 0,0095 kg CO₂ / EUR
2021 190.460 kg CO₂ 1,39 t CO₂ / employee 0,0082 kg CO₂ / EUR
2022 192.607 kg CO₂ 1,38 t CO₂ / employee 0,0073 kg CO₂ / EUR
2023 in progress    

What do we do for this in everyday life?

State-of-the-art building technology:

  • 24 geothermal probes for heating and cooling the building
  • Photovoltaic system with 139 kWp
  • LED lighting throughout the building
  • Enormous electricity savings thanks to LED technology and modern cooling of the building and data centers

Waste management

Raising the environmental awareness of all FSM:l employees:

  • As a bicycle-friendly company, we implement many measures to increase the use of bicycles
  • Rail travel instead of car/flight (where possible)
  • Regional fruit box from Markenhof 
  • Purchasing as regionally as possible
  • Drinks from water bubblers with own reusable glass bottle
  • Subsidized lunch in our own bistro if possible
  • Monthly CleanUp Day, on which we clear our surroundings of garbage

Climate-neutral product feel

In addition to us as a company as a whole, we have also specifically calculated the ecological footprint of our new  Multisensor feel and offset the excess emissions. 

Click here for the feel page at ClimatePartner

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